Fatima Shad Kaneez

University of Technology Sydney

Professor Kaneez Fatima Shad is an Australian Neuroscientist, did PhD in 1994 from the School of Physiology and Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW, followed by Post doc at the Allegheny University of Health Sciences, Philadelphia, USA. She is an academic with more than thirty years of experience in teaching and research in various universities of Australia, USA, UAE, Bahrain, Pakistan and Brunei. She wrote fifty peer-reviewed Publications, edited four books, and five text book chapters, two invited reviews along with more than ninety International conference abstracts mostly as a result of her twenty two successful research grants and thirty four postgraduates. Her research passion is to identify peripheral markers of brain disorders by using skills such as Patch clamping, Tissue culture, MRI, as well as Molecular biological and Biochemical techniques.

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This book is a very provocative and interesting addition to the literature on Epilepsy. It offers a lot of appealing and stimulating work to offer food of thought to the readers from different disciplines. Around 5% of the total world population have seizures but only 0.9% is diagnosed with epilepsy, so it is very important to understand the differences between seizures and epilepsy, and also to identify the factors responsible for its etiology so as to have more effective therapeutic regime. In this book we have twenty chapters ranging from causes and underlying mechanisms to the treatment and side effects of epilepsy. This book contains a variety of chapters which will stimulate the readers to think about the complex interplay of epigenetics and epilepsy.

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