Icaro Moreira

Federal University of Bahia

Prof. Ph.D. Ícaro Thiago Andrade Moreira is currently adjunct professor at the Department of Environmental Engineering, Federal University Federal of Bahia, Brazil. He earned a BSc degree in Biological Science and a PhD from the University Federal of Bahia (with improvement in Canada), specializing in Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology and Water Resources. He has more than 14 years of teaching, research and extension experience. He is a technical and scientific consultant of several companies, agencies and scientific journals. Throughout his academic career, he has acquired many national and international research grants and carried out a number of research projects that have led to more than 400 publications in leading journals, books, and chapters in books and has registered 13 patents. He was the recipient of the best researcher award of MERCOSUR Science and Technology for 2015 in recognition of his outstanding research work in biotechnology, water quality and treatments technologies. He has been the Head of Green-Blue Microbiology Laboratory of LABDEA of UFBA, since 2019. His current research interests include water quality, biotechnolgy and bioeconomy.