Mostafa Esmaeili Shayan

Tarbiat Modares University Iran

He received his Mechanical and BioSystems Engineering and Renewable Energy(Class I) honours degree from Tarbiat Modares University in 2017 and his PhD from the TMU in 2022. He is already involved in renewable energy technologies, and he has published over 20 international journal/conference papers and obtained 2 IRI patents. He has published 5 books or book chapters (principles design and applications of solar power systems,2020; nuclear power plant or solar power plant,2020; nanotechnology in the service of solar energy systems,2020; solar energy and its purpose in net-zero energy building,2020; etc). Shayan acted as a peer reviewer for several journals including the Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences(Q1), International Journal of Smart Grid, Journal of Energy Engineering and Management(Persian), International Journal of Engineering (IJE)(Q2), Journal of Human and Environmental(Persian), Journal of Energy Planning and Policy Research(Persian), and served as peer reviewer for grant applications including Innovation and Development Fund of Iran and National Elite Foundation. Other Research Interest lies in Renewable Energy Technologies, Solar and Wind Engineering, Design Optimization, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Building Energy Simulation, Energy Storage in Phase Change Materials (PCM), Energy Conversion and Sustainable systems, Integrated Environmental Energy Management, Low Energy Buildings, Integrated PV/PCM/Thermoelectric systems, Green roofs, Energy modelling, Green Transport Technology and Total Quality Environmental Management.

3chapters authored