Malcolm Smith

AnalogueSmith (S) Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Dr Malcolm H. Smith has more than 27 years of post-PhD industrial experience in a wide range of areas, including more than 3 years at Matsushita (renamed Panasonic) in Japan designing analogue circuits for sensors, more than 22 years in cellular and other radio experience in the US at Bell Labs, Intel, Amalfi Semiconductor and RFMD, and more than 6 years as an independent consultant working worldwide for clients including MediaTek, HiSilicon (Huawei) and Google. Malcolm has over 40 patents issued for circuit, system and architecture inventions. At AnalogueSmith, Malcolm also consults in following fields of RFIC, analogue, mix-signal circuit design, system and architectural design of mixed-signal RFICs, CMOS PA, transceiver system, architecture, and circuit design, and modelling (device, circuit, system, and architecture).

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