Daniela Tarnita

University of Craiova Romania

Professor of Biomechanics, Mechanisms Theory and Strength of Materials - Department of Applied Mechanics, University of Craiova, Romania Born: 28th February, 1959 University education and qualifications -Fac.of Mechanics, Univ.of Craiova 1977- 1982 - Mechanical engineer diploma -Fac.of Economical Science, Univ.of Craiova 1990-1995 Economical informatics diploma 1996 PhD: Doctor Eng. In Mechanical Engineering, University of Craiova Appointments Univ. of Craiova -1984-1991 Assist. univ. Univ. of Craiova-1991-1999 Lecturer Univ. of Craiova-1997-2001Conf. univ Univ. of Craiova-2001-present Prof. univ Languages: English, French Professional Experience: Harvard University, May-June 2009, Documentation-research; Harvard University May-June 2008, Documentation-research; Duisburg-Essen University, Nov. 2007, Documentation-research; Duisburg-Essen University, May 2005, Visiting Professor; Duisburg University (2004)-Socrates Mobility; Katolic University, Leuven, (2003) -Socrates Mobility; Thesaloniki University (2002)-Socrates Mobility Member of: -Romanian Association of Mechanism and Machine Theory; -Romanian Society of Biomaterials; -Romanian Society of Theoretic and Applied Mechanics; -Robotics Society of Romania; -ECOSEP; -Biomed Experts; Experience in national/international research projects: •Modular adaptive orthopaedic implants based on smart materials (2007-2010); •The control and technological integration of the intelligent materials and structures (2006-2008); •Parametrical CAD/CAE system for simulation and analysis of the mechanical and kinematical characteristics of the human knee (2004-2005) •Reverse Engineering in Conitive Recognition and Control Of Biomimetic Structures (2010-2011); •The knowledge of Universe: from reality to mental models. Program: Global perspective in Science and Spirituality, Financed by John Templeton Foundation (2006-2009); Publications More than 120 papers in conferences proceedings and in peer reviewed journals on different aspects of Biomechanics, Intelligent materials used in orthopedics, Composite materials, Mechanisms Theory, Ten books -in the fields of Biomechanics, Mechanisms, Strength of Materials and Composite structures.

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