Jesus L. Lobo

TECNALIA Research & Innovation

Dr. Jesus L. Lobo (PhD in Information and Communications Technologies in Mobile Networks since 2018) is currently working at TECNALIA as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Researcher. His research topics are: Stream learning (Online Learning and Concept Drift), Lifelong Machine Learning, Ensemble building, and Spiking Neural Networks. He is a member of the GEI-Big Data, an international excellence group at Tecnalia, and a member of the JRLab. He writes and reviews manuscripts for scientific journals and conferences, and he has worked as a data science trainer. He has dealt with real problems such as robotics planning, electricity fraud detection, or EEG signals to identify fatigue of pilots in the aircrafts. He is currently involved in design of predictive/descriptive models working with the latest Machine Learning and Optimization.