Pınar Boyraz Baykas

Chalmers University of Technology

Pinar Boyraz Baykas is currently an Associate Professor at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences Department of Chalmers University of Technology. The theoretical background of her research is built on mathematical modelling, system dynamics, mechatronics, signal processing and control systems. During her tenure track process in Istanbul Technical University (2010-2018), she has contributed towards service robotics while developing a humanoid robot named UMAY with her 2 PhD students (now Dr. Cihat Bora Yigit and Dr. Ertugrul Bayraktar) for rehabilitation of children with ASD. UMAY robot has featured a novel variable stiffness joint mechanism for the robotic arm and semantic intelligence using a Depth camera and Deep Learning algorithms for recognition of objects and task-based adaptation in object-manipulation. The overall design was aimed to be human-centered while aiming to have inherent compliance (i.e. variable stiffness mechanisms) and adaptive behavior (i.e. semantic intelligence based on sensor fusion). Her current research interests at Chalmers University of Technology involve (1) modeling human behavior using data-driven, stochastic and probabilistic methods, (2) developing algorithms, sensor-fusion architectures and methodologies for context-aware intelligent vehicles emphasizing the human-machine interaction aspects, (3) incorporating human-operated and connected autonomous vehicle behavior models in multi-agent simulations in mixed-traffic conditions for flow optimization, efficiency and safety. She is a Senior member of IEEE, elected in June 2019.