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Dr. Danilo Godone holds a Ph.D. in 'Agriculture, Forest and Food Sciences”, with his doctorate’s topic being the cryosphere’s phenomena monitoring by innovative geomatic methodologies. Currently he is a Research Scientist in the Geohazard Monitoring Group (CNR IRPI), studying geomatic contribution in natural hazard monitoring and analysis. His main research interests are landslides, glaciers and, more generally, natural disasters. During his activities, he has developed skills in GIS, R programming, and land surveying with UAVs, GNSS, and LiDAR. He was also involved in several scientific expeditions in the Alps, Nepal, Chilean Andes, and Patagonia. He is a member of NATRISK - Research Centre on Natural Risks in Mountain and Hilly Environments, in Turin University.

Danilo Godone

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Glaciers have always played an important role in human history, and currently, they are carefully observed as climate change sentinels. Glacier melt rate is increasing, and its mass balance is continuously negative. This issue deserves accurate and in-depth studies in order to, adequately, monitor its state. This circumstance in fact endangers the water supply, affecting human settlements but also creating new environments allowing the colonization by pioneer communities and the formation of new landscapes. This book is subdivided into two main sections in order to deal with the two topics of worldwide research on glaciers and ecology in glacial environments. In the first one "Glaciers in the World," several reviews and studies are collected. It is an overview of glaciers, their state, and research carried out in different continents and contexts. The second section "Glacial Ecosystems" focuses, on the other hand, on glacier environments and ecological researches.

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