Christophe Hano

University of Orléans

Dr. Christophe Hano completed his PhD in 2005 in Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and is now Assistant Professor at the University of Orleans at Research INRAE Lab LBLGC USC1328 and a member of the Cosm'ACTIFS Research Group (CNRS GDR3711). His research career has been focused on applied plant metabolism and plant biotechnology. He has written more than 100 scientific papers, reviews and book chapters in internationally renowned journals and edited one book as well as a variety of journal topical issues on plant secondary metabolism, including polyphenols. He is an Academic, Assistant Editor and/or Editorial Board Member of several renowned Q1 Journals in Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology (including Plos ONE, Biomolecules, Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture, Frontiers in Plant Science, Cosmetics). He was a reviewer for more than 500 papers for approximately 35 International Journals, and a recognized scientific expert for several national and international Institutions. Currently, he is developing research projects aimed at studying plant secondary metabolism to lead to the development of natural products with interests in pharmacology or cosmetics. His research focuses on the green extraction and analytical methods applied to plant polyphenols, elucidation of biosynthetic mechanisms of plant natural products and their exploitation by metabolic engineering approaches. He was a leader (project manager) in 6 scientific projects and major investigator in several more. In this context he conducts research projects in cooperation with industrial companies and he coordinates in the European Le Studium® Consortium Action on the bioproduction of bioactive extracts for cosmetic applications through plant cell in vitro cultures. In addition, he explores the potential of the Loire Valley Flora Area for cosmetic applications.

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