Nikolai Poklonski

Belarusian State University Belarus

N.A. Poklonski was born in 14 August 1949 in Gorodok village of Uzdenski area of Minsk region, Belarusian. In 1971 he graduated from Physics Faculty of Belarusian State University. He studied at post-graduate course of BSU. Then he worked in BSU at Research Institute of Applied Physical Problems named after A.N. Sevchenko in the Laboratory of electronic methods of experimental physics. From 1993 he works at Semiconductor Physics and Nanoelectronics Department of BSU. In 1982 he has defended PhD thesis, and in 2001 the doctoral thesis “Static screening and hopping transport of charges in semiconductors”. In 2003 he was given the status of Professor. Under his supervision 7 PhD theses were defended. In 2008 he was awarded with A.N. Sevchenko Prize of Belarusian State University. In 2014 he was awarded with The Medal for Labor Services.

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