Jonah Lissner

Technion – Israel Institute of TechnologyIsrael

Lissner has authored Three Dissertation Monographs in specializations of Mathematical Physics and Theory of Computation -- Metalogic, Number Theory, Arithmetic Dynamics, Fundamental Physics, Algebraic Topology, Quantum Mechanics, M-Theory. Founder of Applied Mathematical Theory. He has earned commendation from Hitzazis, Duplij, Foukzon, Sergeyev, de Gosson, Mugur-Schacher, El-Shimy, Oudet. He is awarded academic competitor, conference technical committee member, journal referee, contributor peer-reviewed books, journals. He is Industrial/Electrical Engineer [Power Generation/Relay] ATINER. Invited Scientist, AdQuanta Group; Center for Mathematical Sciences, Technion [Math Physics]; Numerical Calculus Laboratory, Università della Calabria [Infinity Computer]; National Academies of Sciences.

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