Nguyen Duc-Toan

Hanoi University of Science and Technology Vietnam

Associate Professor Nguyen Duc-Toan grew up in Hai Duong, Vietnam. He was educated at the Hanoi University of Technology for his B. Sc. and s M. Sc. in the area of Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Duc-Toan completed his Ph. D. at the Kyungpook National University, Korea focusing material behavior and sheet metal forming. Then, he pursued his professional career at leading university of Vietnam (HUST) where he undertook research related to metal cutting, sheet metal forming, electrical discharge machining EDM and CAD/CAM/CAE. Currently, he serves as an Editorial Board Member of a number of societies including JMST Advances (Springer), TNU Journal of Science and Technology and Journal science and technology of Hung yen. Currently, he serves as a Deputy Head of Metal Machining and Industrial instrument. He is also serving as the Vice-president of the Vietnam Association of Science Editing (VASE). Recently, his interest has focused on the material behaviors and its application in industry and Research & Development for mechanical products.

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