Thorsten Kraska

University of Bonn

Dr. Thorsten Kraska has a PhD in horticulture (plant pathology) and he worked for some time as postdoc (formulation of plant protection products) and as a scientist in regulatory affairs. After change to University of Bonn (Germany), he worked for study affairs. Since 2010 he has been a scientist at the field lab Campus Klein-Altendorf responsible for horticultural trials. Since 2019 he has also been a member of the research group “Renewable Resources” at the Inst. f. Crop Science and Resource Conservation (Univ. Bonn). Dr Kraska’s research focus is soilless cultivation of horticultural plants, environmental friendly plant protection products, and sustainable utilization or ornamental plants. He is a lecturer in different study programs focusing on sustainable horticultural production systems, ornamentals, urban horticulture, renewable resources, as well as phenotyping. More on him can be found at: