Madhu Khullar

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research

Dr. Madhu Khullar is a Professor of Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India. She completed her Post Doctorate in hypertension research at the Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, USA in 1985. She is an editor and reviewer of several international journals, and a fellow and member of several cardiovascular research societies. Dr. Khullar has a keen research interest in genetics of hypertension, and is currently studying pharmacogenetics of hypertension.

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This book, authored by renowned researchers in the field of Hypertension Research, details the state of the art knowledge in genetics, genomics and pathophysiology of Essential hypertension, specifically the genetic determinants of hypertension and role of gene variants in response to anti-hypertensive therapy. Two chapters describe mitochondrial mutations in Essential hypertension and in hypertension associated Left ventricular hypertrophy, one chapter reviews in detail the global gene expression in hypertension, and an up to date treatise on pathophysiology of resistant hypertension is detailed in another chapter. Other topics included in the book are end organ damage, baroreceptor sensitivity and role of music therapy in essential hypertension.

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