Tiago Rezende

Universidade José do Rosário Vellano

Dr. Tiago Rezende is a professor and researcher at José do Rosário Vellano University - UNIFENAS (Alfenas Teaching and Technology Foundation, maintainer of UNIFENAS). He is acting as professor and researcher in the Agronomy course and in postgraduate courses in Master in Production Systems in Agropecuária and Doctorate in Sustainable Agriculture. He became a technician in Agropecuária (2006) at the Agrotechnic Federal School of Muzambinho, now Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the South of Minas - IFSULDEMINAS. He became Agronomist (2011),and later obtained Master's degree (2013) and PhD (2016) in Agronomy (Phytotechny) at the Federal University of Lavras. He has experience in the area of coffee cultivation, seedling formation, genetic improvement of coffee and planning and optimization of experiments.