César Capinha

University of Lisbon

Cesar has a degree in Geography with specialization in GIS and Spatial Modelling, a Master in GIS and a PhD in Environmental Sciences. He has over 10 years of experience as a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) analyst, mainly in the Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Modelling and Prediction of Environmental and Biological phenomena. This includes, for instance, the application of spatial data and of statistical models and machine learning algorithms to predict the distribution of organisms and the emergence of vector-borne diseases. Cesar’s technical expertise encompasses many of the tools being used for Environmental Modelling, Geocomputation and Data Science, namely: R; Microsoft Azure Machine Learning; WEKA Data Mining; Netlogo; ArcGIS; ILWIS; QGIS and others. He has taught GIS and Spatial Modelling courses for undergrads and master students of the University of Lisbon and the New University of Lisbon and he is also a trainer of GIS software applications for professionals. He has also published research in some of the most highly regarded international peer-reviewed scientific journals. Cesar is also greatly interested in the development of IT solutions. Currently, he is strongly interested in the development of software applications providing access to near real-time environmental forecasts (e.g. online [html5/javascript] and mobile applications).