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Girija Chetty, PhD is an Assistant Professor and Head of Software Engineering discipline in Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering in University of Canberra, Australia. She received her Bachelors and Masters(Research) degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from India, and Doctorate in Information Sciences and Engineering from Australia. She has several years of research, teaching and industry experience from India and Australia, and has led several research, development and consulting projects in the related areas. She has published over 80 research papers in peer-reviewed International Journals and Conferences, and serves on editorial and review panels for several Journals and Conferences, including Biometrics, Multimedia Intelligence and Security, and Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision. Her research interests include biometrics, image and video coding, pattern recognition, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Girija Chetty

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The methods for human identity authentication based on biometrics - the physiological and behavioural characteristics of a person have been evolving continuously and seen significant improvement in performance and robustness over the last few years. However, most of the systems reported perform well in controlled operating scenarios, and their performance deteriorates significantly under real world operating conditions, and far from satisfactory in terms of robustness and accuracy, vulnerability to fraud and forgery, and use of acceptable and appropriate authentication protocols. To address some challenges, and the requirements of new and emerging applications, and for seamless diffusion of biometrics in society, there is a need for development of novel paradigms and protocols, and improved algorithms and authentication techniques. This book volume on "Advanced Biometric Technologies" is dedicated to the work being pursued by researchers around the world in this area, and includes some of the recent findings and their applications to address the challenges and emerging requirements for biometric based identity authentication systems. The book consists of 18 Chapters and is divided into four sections namely novel approaches, advanced algorithms, emerging applications and the multimodal fusion. The book was reviewed by editors Dr. Girija Chetty and Dr. Jucheng Yang We deeply appreciate the efforts of our guest editors: Dr. Norman Poh, Dr. Loris Nanni, Dr. Jianjiang Feng, Dr. Dongsun Park and Dr. Sook Yoon, as well as a number of anonymous reviewers.

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