František Pollák

University of Economics in Bratislava

As Assoc. Prof. at the Faculty of Business Management of the University of Economics in Bratislava, Dr. Pollak deals mainly with the issue of corporate reputation in the context of its sustainable development. His most significant academic achievements are: In 2012 nominated for the Slovak Student Personality of the Year award by his Alma mater. Participation in solving of dozens national or international research grant tasks. Authorship of scientific papers published at international conferences as well as in reputable scientific journals. Co-authorship of the first Eastern Slovakian internet portal, successfully presented at the Intel Berkeley entrepreneurship challenge 2008 world semifinal in Istanbul, Turkey. Expert evaluations for several Research Agencies. Memberships in organizations like the World Association of Young Leaders - Junior Chamber International and European Alliance for Innovation. Chairmanship in the Marketing Sections at international Business Conferences. Reviews, as well as memberships in the editorial boards of reputable scientific journals.