Thiago Assis Rodrigues Nogueira

São Paulo State University

Thiago Nogueira earned his PhD in Agriculture and Environmental Chemistry from the Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture, University of São Paulo in 2012. He is an Assistant Professor at the São Paulo State University – UNESP. He was a research scholar at the University of Florida, USA and Rothamsted Research, UK. He is currently teaching \"Soil Fertility\" and \"Soil Conservation and Management\" at UNESP. He has published 31 papers and technical reports on relevant soil management topics and has edited 2 books. His research interests include chemistry of nutrients and heavy metals in soils, waste management for sustainable agriculture, soil fertility, soil quality for food security, environmental chemistry, and fertilizers. He is an active member of a number of organizations including the Brazilian Society of Soil Science, the International Phytotechnology Society, and the International Society Trace Element Biogeochemistry.