Manfredi Rizzo

University of Palermo

Prof. Manfredi Rizzo, MD, PhD. Prof. Rizzo studied medicine and received training in Internal Medicine in Italy. He spent several years in the United States, working at the University of California. There he was able to gain clinical and research experience on patients with different metabolic disorders, including dyslipidemia, diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. He is also the Head of the Cardiometabolic Research Laboratory of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Palermo. Prof. Rizzo maintains a faculty position in the USA, where he is Adjunct Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the School of Medicine, University of South Carolina, with a research position in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism. Currently, Prof. Rizzo is on sabbatical leave since he joined Novo Nordisk in 2019 as a Director of the Clinical, Medical & Regulatory Department, Novo Nordisk Europe East and South. Prof. Rizzo sits on the editorial board of 10 international journals. The research work of Prof. Rizzo combines translational and primary research, with 250+ scientific publications in international journals. Finally, Prof. Rizzo has been the Coordinator, Vice-Chairman or Co-Chairman of international expert panel documents in the field of dyslipidemia, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. He is currently a National Board Member of the Italian Society of Nutraceuticals (SINUT) and Executive Board Member of the Mediterranean Group for the Study of Diabetes (MGSD).

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