Muhammad Babar Imran

Punjab Institute of Nuclear Medicine

• Brilliant academic record • Highest academic degree of the discipline (PhD) with international postdoctoral fellowship (Japan and Italy) • Strong research aptitude proved by high quality papers published in peer reviewed renowned journals of high international ranking, generating significant impact factor (more than 120), citations (more than 1000) and H index 25. • Has an honor of national and international prestigious awards • Has broad working experience in multiethnic and multicultural groups (Japan, Europe, Saudi Arabia) • Worked as Head of Department (PIEAS University / PINUM Cancer Hospital) • Master Trainer for Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Emergency Management at Hospital • Supervisor of Postgraduate Trainings in Nuclear Medicine (PhD, FCPS) • Examiner FCPS/MSc/PhD • Chief Editor, European Journal of Medical Case Reports (Jan 2017 till date) • Executive Editor, Pakistan Journal of Nuclear Medicine (June 2018 till date) • HOD, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Diagnostics, PINUM Cancer Hospital (2012-2019) • Director, PINUM Cancer Hospital (Jan 2018 till date)