Başak Kılıç Taşeli

Giresun University

Başak Kılıç Taşeli is a professor in the Environmental Engineering Department at Giresun University in Turkey. She has an MSc in soil pollution and a Ph.D. in environmental sciences, both from Middle East Technical University. Among the graduate-level sustainability courses she has taught are Environment, Energy and Sustainability, Biofuels, Biomass Conversion Systems, Biogas Production and Usage, and Sustainable Operation of Treatment Plants. She has taught undergraduate-level courses in Water Supply, Wastewater Disposal, Environmental Ecology, Sludge Treatment, Unit Operations, and Industrial Wastewater Treatment. She has 28 years of experience in protected area management, environmental management, renewable energies, and zero-waste and carbon footprint quantification of wastewater treatment plants and industries. She has worked for more than ten years on EU-funded Erasmus+ projects, coordinating several projects as a promoter and partner.

Başak Kılıç Taşeli

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Sewage management refers to the process of collecting, treating, and disposing of the millions of gallons of wastewater produced daily by households, industries, and commercial establishments. It is vital to treat and dispose of this wastewater appropriately to safeguard public health and the environment. The objective of sewage management is to decrease the number of pollutants in wastewater before it is discharged into water bodies or reused for other purposes. Sewage management is a crucial element of modern society, yet it is frequently disregarded or taken for granted. This book offers a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of sewage management, covering the basics of wastewater treatment and disposal, and the various technologies and processes involved in sewage treatment. Additionally, the book provides case studies of successful sewage management practices from around the world, highlighting best practices and innovative solutions. It is hoped that this e-book will serve as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to better understand this critical aspect of modern society.

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Sewage Management IntechOpen
Sewage Management Edited by Başak Kılıç Taşeli

Sewage Management

Edited by Başak Kılıç Taşeli

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Sustainable Sewage Sludge Management and Resource Efficiency IntechOpen
Sustainable Sewage Sludge Management an... Edited by Başak Kılıç Taşeli

Sustainable Sewage Sludge Management and Resource Efficiency

Edited by Başak Kılıç Taşeli