Samir Kumar

Kyoto University

Dr. Samir Kumar an experimental physicist with expertise in the development and study of sculptured thin films and interfaces. He has extensive research experience in the development of novel nanostructures for plasmonics, surface-enhanced spectroscopy, photocatalysis, water repellent surfaces, and bio/chemical sensing. Currently, Dr. Kumar's research interests are focused on the development and study of plasmonic nanostructures produced by the GLAD technique for surface-enhanced spectroscopy, as well as surface plasmon resonance for the detection and identification of trace chemicals and biomolecules (e.g. DNA, viruses, antibodies, bacteria) for analytical and medical applications. A binding theme of his research has been the integration of multiple functionalities in a scalable and straightforward manner in a simple design strategy. Examples include using mechanical buckling for enhancing the detection sensitivity, combining hydrophobicity with enhanced fluorescence, merging the recycling capability of a substrate with enhanced photocatalytic activity, increasing the robustness by embedding nanostructures into a polymer, and coupling plasmonic nanoslit and bio-sensing.