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Dr. Saeed Nemati (1969) is a professional writer, translator, editor, journalist, engineer, researcher, and inventor. He is a senior academic member at QIAU and executive director of the World Civil Engineering Information Centre. Dr. Nemati obtained his diploma in building and construction from TAFE Australia. He also received his B.Eng degree in civil engineering, M.Eng degree in environmental engineering, and PhD in infrastructure engineering from Tehran Polytechnic, Tarbiat Modares University (as a top student) and Western Sydney University, respectively. He has about 30 years of work experience in large infrastructure project management. Dr. Nemati is a full member of the Australia Society of Authors with many published ISI articles and books. In addition, he is the winner of 17 national and international awards in civil engineering. His main research interest is innovative ideas in civil engineering with a focus on the design automation and construction robotic technology.

Saeed Nemati

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As the world moves further into urbanization, there is a greater need for construction materials to meet society’s needs. As natural resources become scarce, the use of recycled materials for construction purposes has become increasingly common. Over the past decade, there has been a significant increase in the utilization of recycled materials in the construction industry. This will result in substantial advantages in structure and infrastructure construction coupled with a reduction in the construction cost, as well as improving sustainability. However, significant development limitations and many relevant considerations must be addressed when using recycled materials in construction. This book introduces innovative and alternative construction materials used in civil engineering.

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