Güntuğ Batıhan

Kars Harakani State Hospital

Dr. Güntuğ Batıhan is a Chief Surgeon at Kars State Hospital Thoracic Surgery Clinic in Turkey. He has made significant contributions to the literature in the field of thoracic surgery with many original research articles, international papers and book chapters. He is an editor and reviewer for several prestigious journals. His areas of interest are video-assisted thoracic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, mediastinal diseases and interventional bronchology.

Güntuğ Batıhan

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Pulmonary lobectomy is one of the most performed thoracic surgery procedures worldwide. These special operations, which have a higher risk of mortality and morbidity compared to many surgical interventions, are only possible with sufficient theoretical knowledge and experience. Anatomical lung resections, which started with mass ligation of the pulmonary hilum in the 1800s, have become specialized operations that mostly use minimally invasive methods and require individual dissection of hilar structures. However, to date, there has only been a limited number of textbooks on these complex procedures. This book, which discusses the principles of pulmonary lobectomy, was written by experts in the field of thoracic surgery and other subspecialties. Surgical anatomy, VATS lobectomy, RATS lobectomy and intensive care follow-up are discussed in detail. The textbook should be useful for surgery residents and thoracic surgeons seeking to improve their understanding and skills in pulmonary lobectomy.

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