Arbnor Pajaziti

Arbnor Pajaziti, born on 04/25/1961 in Peja, Republic of Kosovo, is professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Faculty of Engineering has completed in 1984, at the University of Prishtina, master studies has conducted in 1990 at the Faculty of Mechanical and Shipbuilding, University of Zagreb, Croatia, and doctoral studies he conducted in 1998 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology Vienna, Austria. He has experience in teaching since 1984, he is author and co-author of 15 textbooks in the field of technology, 14 manuscripts, participated in many international conferences, and about 66 scientific publications. He was lecturer at the University of Genoa Master, Italy in 2009, lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum, Graz, Austria in 2010. Currently, he is carrying out the research on design and construction of different robots as well as application of artificial intelligence, and holding the position of Head of the Department of Mechatronics

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