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Dr. Atef Darwish graduated from Assiut School of Medicine in 1985 with an excellent grade with first class honors. He got his Master degree in 1989 with Excellent degree. Between 1992-1994, he spent 2 years at the Endoscopic Unit of Ulm University, Germany. Thereafter, he received his Medical Doctorate in 1995 through a combined program between the University of Ulm, Germany and the University of Assiut, Egypt with Excellent degree. He joined the Endoscopy Unit of Villach University Hospital in Austria, the Assisted Reproduction Unit in Düsseldorf University Hospital in Germany and the reproductive biology and minimally invasive surgery unit in the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Clevland, Ohio, USA. Currently, he is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University since July 2005. Moreover, he is a consultant of Obstetrics and Gynecology in three hospitals and he is the moderator and lecturer of many endoscopic societies. He authored an internationally registered undergraduate book, presented 59 presentations in national and international meetings, delivered a lot of lectures in Egypt, some Arabian countries and the USA and published more than 40 papers in international medical journals, and 7 papers in national journals. He received some congress prizes and awards due to his work in the field of reproductive medicine since 1995. He is a reviewer of many international journals and an associate editor of two of them. In 2009, he got a PhD degree in the reproductive medicine at the University of Utrichet, The Netherlands.

Atef Darwish

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Male and female reproductive system similarities as well as differences should be taken into consideration by all scientists interested in this field. Some embryological, anatomical, histological, and clinical examples are addressed in this book. The message of the book is to increase orientation of all scientists interested in the field of similar and dissimilar issues in males and females. Reading this book will lead to a better understanding of management of both sexes, and the understanding of infertility that will hopefully reduce the effort, the time, the psychological, and the financial burden of the infertile couple and the society at large.

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