Moulay Abdeljalil Ait Baamrane

Ibn Zohr University

Moulay Abdeljalil AIT BAAMRANE has a PhD in Conservation Biology, Ecology and Mammalogy (Cadi Ayyad University –UCA- Marrakech, Morocco 2015). He is an Assistant professor at Ibn Zohr University –UIZ- Agadir, Morocco. He is member of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Functioning research team at UIZ and associate member of the Biodiversity and Ecosystems Dynamics Laboratory (UCA). His research interests are Populations dynamics, Ecological modelling, Molecular phylogeography, Morphometry and Trophic ecology (in herbivorous mammals, reptiles and birds). He has participated in several international research projects and received scholarships. He has written several papers in peer-reviewed journals and communications in international scientific meetings and participated in scientific paper reviewing. He was a member of the second Herpetological Mediterranean Congress Committee. Before joining the UIZ, he held several positions in the external services of the Marine Fisheries department in Morocco.