Ewa Stępień

Jagiellonian University Poland

Ewa Stępień is a doctor in biology and associated professor in medicinal biology and medical physics. She is a scientist and a practicing medical diagnostician, specialized in cardiovascular diseases and cancer. After leading the Molecular Biology Laboratory at the John Paul II Hospital in Cracow, she became the Head of the Department of Medical Physics at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. Prof. Stepien was three times awarded by the Rector of Jagiellonian University in 2009, 2016 and 2020 for a researcher with the highest scientific achievement both in medicine and physics. In 2007 she received the 2nd award from the Polish Ministry of Health and Social Security named ``Evidence Based Medicine in practice´´. The main interest of Prof. Stepien is research on extracellular vesicles in vascular diseases and cancer by means of systems biology approach, including high throughput biology as spectroscopy, gene expression microarrays, or proteome analysis. Prof. Stepien developed a new test based on the Raman spectroscopy analysis of urine microvesicles to diagnose renal failure in diabetes. Prof. Stepien is an author of more than 130 research papers published in Stroke, Diabetes, ATVB, BBA, Theranostics, Nanomedicine (NB&M), Nature Review Physics, Physics in Medicine and Biology and many other journals. She supervised and co-supervised 12 PhD students and she is a mentor of 4 postdocs both in laboratory medicine and biophysics. Prof. Stepien is a president (2019-2021) of the Experimental Cardiology section of Polish Society of Cardiology (PTK) and a member the Committee of Physiological and Pharmaceutical Sciences of Polish Academy of Science.

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