Neeraj Panwar

Central University of Rajasthan

Dr. Neeraj Panwar has been working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics under School of Physical Sciences, Central University of Rajasthan, India since 2013. Before joining this position, he worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Aveiro, Portugal (2010-13) and University of Puerto Rico, USA (2009-2010), respectively. Dr. Panwar received his Doctorate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India (2008). Dr. Panwar’s current research involves the investigation of lead-free piezoelectrics and magnetic materials including rare-earth orthochromites. Several research projects have been funded to him by different funding agencies. Many PhD students are registered with him for their doctoral thesis work. He has published sixty research publications in peer reviewed International journals and is the reviewer of many journals. Dr. Panwar has edited a book entitled 'Magnetism and Magnetic Materials” and penned down many contributory book chapters.

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The aim of the book is to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of the current research in the interesting field of magnetism and magnetic materials. Some very interesting topics like erasing and retrieving the particular magnetic domain of a ferromagnetic thin film, the single domain behaviour of magnetic nanowire with dimension less than 100 nm, magneto-transport behaviour of Heusler alloys etc. have been covered.

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