Paola de Salvo

University of Perugia

Paola de Salvo Phd in Social System and Public Policies Analysi. She is an Assistant Professor in Sociology of territory at the Department of Political Sciences, University of Perugia. She teaches Sociology and promotion of the territory and Urban and Rural Sociology. Her main research interest is focuses on the study of local development and tourism, in particular to the study of the territory development as a process that links the socio-economic and cultural aspects to a sustainable development, which gives value to the sense of place, identity-local, narrations and its values. Her major pubblication include: de Salvo P. (2019). From traditional agriculture to post-productivism: expressions, meanings and transformations of the wine cellars, Manuel Vaquero Piñeiro, Paola de Salvo and Francesca Giommi (2019). Rural Tourism and Territorial Development in Italy, de Salvo P., Calzati V., Soglia S., (2018), Value for Time: Slowness, a Positive Way of Performing Tourism, de Salvo P. (2018), Governance, social capital and sustainable tourism

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