Sebastião Silva

Federal University of Pará

Prof. Gomes Silva graduated in Natural Sciences-Chemistry (Pará State University), completed his specialization in Applicability of New Technologies as Pedagogical Tools for Science Teaching (Federal University of Pará), and obtained his Master and Doctorate in Organic Chemistry (Federal University of Pará). He is currently effective teacher, Class II, of the state school system of the state of Pará (SEDUC-Pará) and External Collaborating Professor of the Field Education Course at the University Campus of Abaetetuba-UFPA. Prof. Gomes Silva works in the area of Chemistry, with emphasis on Natural Product Chemistry, mainly in the following subjects: extraction of essential oils by supercritical fluid, hydrodistillation, steam dragging, distillation and simultaneous extraction, gas chromatography / mass spectrometer analysis and biological activities with essential oils.