Amit Kumar Pandey

Amity University Haryana

Dr. Pandey obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Ewing Christian college, University of Allahabad and Masters from Awadesh Pratap Singh University, Rewa. He then did his Ph.D. from Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi. His Ph.D. topic was a study of the molecular mechanism of Insulin resistance in Diabetes in the liver. He was awarded Ph.D. in July 2012 after which he went on to do his postdoctoral training in Max Delbruck Centre for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany for a year. He then joined Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, NUS, Singapore for another postdoc training for 5 years. In March 2018 Dr. Pandey joined Amity university Haryana as Assistant professor in biotechnology department. Dr. Pandey has won multiple awards for poster presentation at international scientific conferences. He has been awarded travel grants from different Govt. bodies to attend these scientific conferences. He has published 12 research articles till date in peer-reviewed journals and also co-authored 1book chapter. Dr. Pandey’s research interest is in evaluating the role of non-coding RNAs in cancer malignancies by using epigenetic and molecular biology approach.