Lucian Mihet-Popa

Østfold University College

Professor Dr. Eng. Lucian Mihet-Popa received his Habilitation (2015) and Ph.D. (2002) in Electrical Engineering, a master’s degree (2000) in Electric Drives and Power Electronics, and a bachelor’s degree (1999) in Electrical Engineering, all from the Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania. He has been a Full Professor of Smart Energy Technology, at Oestfold University College, Norway, since 2016. He is also the founder and head of the university’s research group on intelligent control of energy conversion and storage systems and one of the coordinators of the master’s program in green energy technology. He has previously worked with Danish Technical University and Aalborg University, Denmark; Siegen University, Germany; and the Technical University of Timisoara. Dr. Mihet has published more than 180 papers in national and international journals and conference proceedings and 15 books. He has been granted more than twenty international grants/projects, such as FP7, EEA, and Horizon 2020, as well as more than ten national research grants.

Lucian Mihet-Popa

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This book provides a comprehensive overview of smart grid technology. It contains six chapters organized into three sections: “AC-DC Smart Hybrid Microgrid: Modelling, Control and Applications”, “Smart Distribution Systems: Methodologies, Realtime Platforms and Testing Methods”, and “Energy Storage Systems and Their Applications in Smart Grids”. Chapters address such topics as the advantages and disadvantages of AC/DC hybrid microgrids, DER components in an AC microgrid, methodologies for solving the reconfiguration and reactive power compensation dispatch in a smart distribution network, digital twin types, the different types of energy storage systems, and much more.

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