Ivan Oropeza-Perez

Universidad de las Américas Puebla

Ivan Oropeza-Perez has his background in Bachelor of Energy Engineering by Metropolitan Autonomous University (Mexico), Master in Energy Engineering by National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico) and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering by Aalborg University (Denmark). He has expertise in thermal comfort on buildings, passive cooling systems and sustainable architecture. The main purpose of his research is to achieve a proper indoor environment while saving energy and water. This is, of course, to help to counter global warming. He has written a book regarding natural ventilation within buildings and several research articles with similar topics. He has participated in dozens of international conferences around the world presenting works with the aforementioned subjects. Currently is an Associate Professor in the Architecture Department of the Universidad de las Americas Puebla in Mexico. Is the president of the International Building Performance Simulation Association affiliate Mexico (IBPSA-Mexico), a fellow of the Mexican National Solar Energy Association (ANES, initials in Spanish), and a fellow of the Mexican National Researchers System of the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology (SNI-CONACYT, initials in Spanish).

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