Hyung Gyu Park

University of Zurich Switzerland

Prof. Hyung Gyu Park received his BS and MS degrees from Mechanical Engineering at Seoul National University in South Korea. His specialty during the MS degree was in the area of computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer. His MS thesis title is On the numerical treatment of axisymmetric flow in the Cartesian coordinate system. After MS, he received his Ph.D. degrees from Mechanical Engineering at University of California at Berkeley, U.S.A. During the degree program, he carried out multiple projects involving (1) micro fuel cell system research and development and (2) mass transport in carbon nanotubes, from the latter project he received his Ph.D. degree. After postdoctoral preparation at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, he joined ETH Zurich in 2009 as an assistant professor (tenure track). His research interests lies in nanoscience for energy and clean technologies. Detailed research interests include carbon nanofluidics, CO2 capture, solar-fuel energy harvesting and nondestructive plasmonic nanosensors.

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