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Bangladesh Wheat and Maize Research Institute Bangladesh

Dr. Akbar Hossain is presently working as a senior agronomist at the Bangladesh Wheat and Maize Research Institute, Bangladesh. Dr. Hossain finished his Ph.D degree from the Institute of Ecology and Biological Sciences (particularly stress physiology), Astrakhan State University, Russia. The research interests and expertise of Dr. Hossain include plant physiology, conventional and molecular breeding, biotechnology, genetic engineering, crop and weed management, weed biology and ecology, conservation agriculture, climate change impact assessment on field crops through modeling. He has authored more than 190 journal articles and is currently serving as an MS student supervisor and also a voluntary reviewer/editor for different journals. Dr. Hossain is also linked with several international projects. More details can be found on the link: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Akbar_Hossain2

Akbar Hossain

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Due to the changing climate, food security for the increasing population has raised a great threat globally. Therefore, it is imperative to find alternate solutions for enhancing agricultural sustainability through plant stress physiology. The concept of plant stress physiology has been well-established over the past 60 years due to the increasing trends of environmental stress. Researchers have found that crop stress physiology has an association with two main areas, one is concerned with agronomy, the other concerned with plant breeding. The contents of the current book emphasize the integration of both breeding and agronomy strategies to ensure agricultural productivity and environmental safety under changing climate.

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