Yaodong Yang

Dr. Yaodong Yang is a Professor in Coconut Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, China and the head of the biotechnology division. He is the author or co-author of more than 35 peer-reviewed journal articles, 2 book chapters, and 10 conference papers.Dr. Yang acquired BSc (Marine biology) degree from Ocean University of Qingdao, China. He received MSc (Molecular biology and biotechnology) from Free University of Brussels, Belgium and Ph.D. (Natural science) degrees from University of Heidelberg, Germany, with specialization in the plant cell biology. He has received more than 20 grants from various funding agencies to carry out his research projects that are associated with biochemistry and molecular biology of coconut and other palm trees. Dr. Yang received China Overseas Chinese Contribution Award (Innovation Talent Award) in 2014.