Han C.G. Kemper

Amsterdam Medical University Centre

Prof. Emeritus Han C.G. Kemper, Ph.D., Hon D, obtained a Ph.D. from the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, in 1968. He also has three honorary degrees from universities in London (University of Surrey), Budapest (Semmelweiss University), and Riga (Radins University). In 1985 he was appointed a full professor at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, University of Amsterdam and Vrije University, Amsterdam. Dr. Kemper has supervised twenty-five Ph.D. students over the course of his career. In 1996 he joined the VU University Medical Center in the EMGO+ Institute for Care and Health Research (Amsterdam Public Health Research Institute at Amsterdam UMC). He was the principal investigator of the Amsterdam Growth and Health Longitudinal Study (AGAHLS) from 1974 until 2004. With his research group he has published more than 350 articles in both national and international journals and ten books (or chapters in books) about AGAHLS. From 1996 until 1998 he gave intensive courses for scientific staff members at the University of Limpopo, Polokwane, SA. Since then, he has worked closely with Dr. Monyeki in his Ellisras Longitudinal Study. Dr. Kemper was associate editor of the international journal Pediatric Exercise Science from 1988 until 2018. In 2002 he received a citation award from the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine, St. Louis, MO, USA, based upon his publication records in the field of sports and exercise sciences.

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