Adrián Silva

University of Porto Portugal

Adrián M.T. Silva, PhD, has expertise in the preparation, characterization, and application of nano- and macro-structured carbon-based materials (namely, activated carbons, carbon xerogels, carbon foams and fibers, carbon nanotubes, and graphene and its derivatives, among others). His most recent research interests are in the field of metal-free carbon catalysts and carbon-based composites for separation and reaction engineering, including water treatment as well as magnetic nanostructures for biomedical applications.

Adrián Silva

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Carbon atoms have the amazing ability to bond in remarkable different manners that can assume distinct astonishing dimensional arrangements from which absolutely diverse and interesting nanostructured carbon materials are obtained. This book aims to cover the most recent advances in (i) Graphene and derivatives, including graphene-based magnetic composites, membranes, wafer devices, and nanofibers for several applications, as well as some particular properties, such as light emission from graphene; (ii) Carbon nanotubes heaters and fibers for reinforcement of cement and diamond-based thin films; and (iii) Nanofluids consisting of both graphene and carbon nanotubes, apart from reporting some important case studies dealing with carbon nanostructures and their use in sensors, coatings, or electromagnetic wave absorbers.

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Advances in Carbon Nanostructures IntechOpen
Advances in Carbon Nanostructures Edited by Adrián Silva

Advances in Carbon Nanostructures

Edited by Adrián Silva