Ilze Aulika

Italian Institute of TechnologyItaly

Ilze Aulika acquired doctor’s degree in solid state physics in 2008 at the University of Latvia, Department of Physics and Mathematics. Wide range of experience in experimental physics were obtained at the previously occupied actions as an engineer (2000-2005), scientific assistant (2005-2008) and recently as a scientific researcher (2008-2009) at the Center of Excellence, Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia in the Division of Ferroelectric Physics. She was involved in the research field of optical and dialectical spectroscopy, atomic force and scanning electron microcopies, mechanical analysis, non-linear optical investigations of ferroelectric, metallic and semiconductor thin films, ultra thin-films, superlattices and ceramics in collaboration with scientist all over the Europe (Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic , University of Vienna (Austria), Cranfield University (United Kingdom), Josef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia)), participated as a partner in 6 European projects. She is an author and co-author 18 scientific publications and 43 conference theses. Her work was awarded by 3 Latvian and 4 international scholarships and prizes. Since January 2010 she works on investigation of composite materials of non-organic nanotubes and nano-wires and golden nano-cluster applications, and involved in organization and setting-up the new laboratory at the Smart Materials Platform, Centre for Human Space Robotics, IIT@polito, Italian Institute of Technology.

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