Ban Adbul-Hameed Majeed Albadri

University of Baghdad

Ban Adbul-Hameed Majeed Albadri was awarded the M.B.Ch.B. degree, at Al-Mustansyria University, Medical College, in 1985-1986. She was also awarded a Higher Diploma in Pediatrics, Medical College, University of Al-Mustansyria, in 1995, and Fellow of Arab Board Medical Specialization in Pediatrics, in 1997. Dr. Majeed Albadri is member of the Iraqi Medical Association, 1987, registration No, 14955 and Iraqi Pediatrics Association, 2000. She is currently Member of Teaching Staff of Pediatrics Department, Al-Kindy Medical College, at Baghdad University and was previously member of scientific unit in Al-Kindy Medical College (2010-2012), and Member of continuous medical education (2013-2014). She has participated in various conferences and has authored various publications.