Marco Ferretti

Wildlife management office - Region of Tuscany

Marco Ferretti received PhD in Animal production, health and food hygiene in the Mediterranean climate countries from University of Pisa (2010), Master\'s degree in Sciences and management of wildlife and environmental resources from University of Florence (2006) and Bachelor\'s degree in Protection and management of wildlife resources from University of Florence (2001). From 1999 to 2008 he worked as a freelance in the field of wildlife conservation and management, population dynamics, animal behavior, zoology, ecology, biology, agronomy, forestry, statistics, GIS, and wildlife or environmental law. In 2008 till 2015 he worked at Wildlife management office of Province of Pistoia, and from 2016 at Wildlife management office of Tuscany Region, Italy.

Marco Ferretti

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Wildlife management is about finding the balance between conservation of endangered species and mitigating the impacts of overabundant wildlife on humans and the environment. This book deals with the monitoring of fauna, related diseases, and interactions with humans. It is intended to assist and support the professional worker in wildlife management.

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