Mohammed Jalal Hussein Al-Khalidi

Al-Kindy Medical College, Baghdad University

Mohammed Jalal Hussein Al-Khalidi is Professor and Vice Dean for scientific Affair at Al-Kindy Medical College, Baghdad University, Iraq. He was awarded the M.B.Ch.B. degree from Al-Mustansyria University, Medical College in 1986-1987 and received his Higher Diploma in Pediatrics from Medical College, University of Baghdad in 1995. He was awarded Fellow of Iraqi Medical Specialization in Pediatrics in 1995. Dr. Al-Khalidi Memberships include: Member of American Society of Tropical Medicine& Hygiene (ASTMH) since 2018; Member of ESPGHAN since 2010; Associate MRCPCH (UK), 2005, registration No, 207939; Iraqi Medical Association, 1987, registration No, 14955; Iraqi Pediatrics Association, 2000; and Sulyamania Medical Association, 2006.