Stefano De Luca

University of Salerno

Stefano de Luca, got a Ph.D. in transportation engineering at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza” and is an associate professor at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Salerno (Italy). He is a professor of Transportation Planning (BSc, Civil Eng. and Environmental Eng.) and Transportation Systems Theory (MSc, Civil Eng.). Currently, he is vice-coordinator of the Ph.D. course on 'Risk and sustainability”, scientific coordinator of the Transportation Planning and Modelling laboratory. He is a consultant for the Italian Ministry of Transportation, the Transport commission of Campania Region, of Salerno and Avellino Transportation Departments. His main research interest includes transportation planning techniques, travel demand modeling, users’ behavior modeling, signal settings design, traffic assignment models, air transportation. He is member of IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society.

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The transportation system is the backbone of any social and economic system, and is also a very complex system in which users, transport means, technologies, services, and infrastructures have to cooperate with each other to achieve common and unique goals.The aim of this book is to present a general overview on some of the main challenges that transportation planners and decision makers are faced with. The book addresses different topics that range from user's behavior to travel demand simulation, from supply chain to the railway infrastructure capacity, from traffic safety issues to Life Cycle Assessment, and to strategies to make the transportation system more sustainable.

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