Stefano de Luca

University of Salerno

Stefano de Luca is a full professor of Transportation Planning and Transportation Systems Theory, University of Salerno, Italy. Currently he is director of the Transportation Systems Analysis laboratory, and rector’s delegate to Transport and Mobility, University of Salerno. His research focus includes transportation planning techniques, choice modelling, signal settings design, traffic assignment models and algorithms, freight/passenger terminal simulation, and optimization. He serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for Transportation Research Part F, the Journal of Advanced Transportation and Sustainability. He has authored more than 100 book chapters and journal articles. He is also a consultant for the Italian Ministry of Transportation, the Transport Commission of the Campania Region, and the Salerno and Avellino Transportation Departments. He is a member of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society, the Italian Association of Transport Academicians, and the Italian Transport Policy Society.

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Innovative and smart mobility systems are expected to make transportation systems more sustainable, inclusive, and safe. Because of changing mobility paradigms, transport planning and design require different methodological approaches. Over twelve chapters, this book examines and analyzes Mobility as a Service (MaaS), travel behavior, traffic control, intelligent transportation system design, electric, connected, and automated vehicles, and much more.

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