M. Taha Demirkan

Gebze Technical University

M. Taha Demirkan received his BSc degree in physics from Gazi University, Turkey in 2006 and his MSc degree in materials science from Drexel University, USA in 2010. He finished his PhD study at the Department of Applied Science at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA in 2014. He is currently a research fellow at Gebze Technical University, Turkey. His research is focused on electrochemical energy storage with an emphasis on high energy anode materials for Li-ion batteries.

M. Taha Demirkan

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Energy storage will be a very important part of the near future, and its effectiveness will be crucial for most future technologies. Energy can be stored in several different ways and these differ in terms of the type and the conversion method of the energy. Among those methods; chemical, mechanical, and thermal energy storage are some of the most favorable methods for containing energy. Current energy storage devices are still far from meeting the demands of new technological developments. Therefore, much effort has been put to improving the performance of different types of energy storage technologies in the last few decades.

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