Miljana Z. Jovandaric

Clinical Center of Serbia

Miljana Z. Jovandaric was born in Serbia. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade. Her pediatric specialization ended in 1999 at the University Children\'s Hospital, Belgrade. She completed her specialization in neonatology in 2003. Her master\'s thesis, `` Analysis of lipid infants in women suffering from gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)``, was defended in 2006 and her doctoral dissertation, `` Effect of hypoxia on electrolyte and lipid levels in term newborns``, was achieved in 2018 from the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia. She has been the author and co-author of 74 scientific papers presented at national and international conferences and published in journals. She is the Head of the Department of Sick Newborns at the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Department of Neonatology, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade.

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In 2015, there were about 135 million births globally. Each year, complications from pregnancy and childbirth result in about 500,000 maternal deaths, 7 million women have serious long-term problems, and 50 million women have negative health outcomes following delivery. Most of these occur in the developing world. This book discusses many aspects of childbirth and provides recommendations for improving maternal and fetal health. Chapters covers such topics as placental abruption, induced labor, low birth weight, prenatal education programs, and improving the birth space. Authors examine effects of air pollution, consanguineous marriage, and the use of traditional birth attendants on maternal morbidity and mortality.

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