Piotr H. Skarzynski

World Hearing Center

Prof. Piotr H. Skarzynski, MD, PhD, MSc realises scientific work in World Hearing Center of Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing and Institute of Sensory Organs. He is a member of numerous scientific societies. He participated in the 3rd Stakeholders Consultation meeting during which the World Hearing Forum of WHO was announced. He is a member of Consultant Committee of International Experts of CPAM-VBMS (for special invitation), a Honorary Member of ORL Danube Society, and a member of the Roster of Experts on Digital Health of WHO. He is also a Vice Chairman of Junior ERS (2010–2014), Member of Board (2014–2016), Member of Congress and Meeting Department of EAONO, Representative Board Member (till 2019) and Vice-President and Institutional Representative (since 2019) of IfSTeH, Regional Representative of Europe of ISA and Board Secretary of the Society of Otorhinolaryngologists, Phoniatrists and Audiologists. He is also a Vice-President of Hearring Group, a Member of Hearing Committee of AAO-HNS and an Auditor of EFAS. He is an active participant of many conferences – over 1869 presentations (117 as an Invited Speaker, 128 round tables, 140 courses as an Instructor), 961 publications (IF – 226,681, IC –48781,04, scientific points of Ministry of Science and Higher Education – 11822). He is also a reviewer of 44 national and international scientific journals.

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