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Dr. Bahareh Kalantar is a research scientist in machine learning, remote sensing, image processing, and natural hazard modelling at the RIKEN Center for the Advanced Intelligence Project, Tokyo, Japan. She has a Ph.D. in Remote Sensing from Universiti Putra Malaysia and completed her postdoctoral studies at RIKEN. Dr. Kalantar was a visiting scholar at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, in April 2019. She was awarded the Australia Endeavour Fellowship in 2018. In 2019, she received the best paper award at the ISPRS Geospatial week in Enschede, the Netherlands. More recently, she received the 11 Ohbu Award (Researcher Incentive) from RIKEN. She has participated in many international conferences and has published several ISI journal papers.

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This book discusses theoretical and technical innovations in water resource management. Chapters cover such topics as groundwater recharging technology, cumulative groundwater impact assessment, depletion and deterioration of groundwater, and identification of water inrush using various multiple non-linear machine learning models. Also discussed are the evaluation of rainfall time series and the use of fractal analysis. Finally, the book contains information on the governance crisis and governability of the use of groundwater in arid zones.

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